22 Year Old Confesses To Killing Her One Day Old Baby

22 Year Old Confesses To Killing Her One Day Old Baby

A mother in north Texas is facing a capital murder charge for allegedly killing her one-day-old baby girl that she was ‘trying to keep from crying.’

According to the Weatherford Police Department, a man called Tuesday requesting a welfare check at the home of his estranged, pregnant wife.
He said Ashley Nicole Blades, 22, contacted him via text to tell him that she’d given birth, but the baby had died.
Once officers arrived to Blades’ home, she told them in an interview that the infant was in the trunk of her car, a silver Ford Focus.
She gave them the keys to the car, where they found the deceased infant wrapped in a towel that had been placed in a plastic bag.
A paramedic who arrived to the scene said the child was cold to touch with visible lividity in the extremities, according to a probable cause affidavit.
Police immediately detained Blades, who waived her right to remain silent. She told detectives that she had given birth to the baby girl Monday morning at the home, KDFW reported.
Blades admitted to officers that, ‘at one point during the day she was trying to keep the crying baby quiet so she covered the infant’s nose and mouth for a minute or two.’
She added that, ‘the baby never cried or seemed the same.’
Later that night, Blades, who lived at home with her parents, said that she found the baby dead when she went to go check on her.

Police said that there was no indication the woman ever sought medical attention for her baby, NBC Dallas reported.
According to KDFW, her parents told police that they were unaware she had given birth in the home.
Source:Daily Mail


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